Smudge Kit

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In today’s world, we need to protect ourselves from low vibrational energies that we tend to accumulate from day-to-day. I smudge every day. I do my crystals, my kids, my office, my mobile, my house, even my tax papers! Yep… I’m a spiritual junkie and proud of it 😊.

I have created a smudge kit to rival all smudge kits. This is my version of what I think a smudge kit is to have. Every space that has experienced negative people, sickness or just feeling heavy and stuck should have a smudge to clear the nasty energy and bring back light bright energy.

On offer today is my smudge kit that contains:

Abalone Shell - Abalone shells vibrate with potent Water magic, bringing emotional energies into your sacred space. These gorgeous natural blue-tinged shells are also fire resistant, making them the perfect tools to burn your smudge bundles upon. 

Mugwort Bundle - Mugwort is considered the ‘Universal Herb for Protection & Prophecy’. Mugwort is used for healing, psychic powers, and clarity at the same time clearing the air of any negative ‘leftovers’.

Charcoal Tablet - Charcoal disks allow you to burn any dried herb, resin or incense powder with ease. Simply place the disk in your abalone shell or a heatproof dish, light with a lighter until the disk sparks (30 seconds or so). After its lit grab your salt and then put a pinch of herbs on top. These disks stay lit for about an hour. When they’re done they turn to ash, for easy disposal.

Salt - table salt is added for your convenience to place on top of your charcoal disc to help cool down the temperature making it perfect to place your lavender herbs on so as not to burn them.

Peacock Feather Fan - A natural feather (not plucked!) from a peacock for you to use to keep your herbs smouldering.

Lavender Herbs – Organic lavender herbs anointed with doTerra Lavender essential oil. This is the oil of honest communication and authentic expression. Its sweet herbal fragrance brings internal peace, a calm mind, and relaxes the physical state. The aromatic essence of lavender is energetically protective and balancing. After you get your charcoal burning to the point of it being grey, place some salt on top of the disc and then carefully add some lavender herbs and relax in the bath or your comfortable bed with this amazing scent.

Natural Beeswax Candle - these candles are hand-rolled here in the Clubhouse. We infused them with doTerra Frankincense essential oil, and each candle has black obsidian chips within it for extra protection and grounding. The candle burns for just short of an hour and is amazing to place on your bedside table or your desk as you go about your day-to-day. NOTE: there are 12 different candle colours and yours will be chosen randomly

Black Tourmaline Energy Generator - black tourmaline is a highly sort after mineral for protection and grounding. This generator is fitted with 4 clear quartz pointers amplifying the energies of the black tourmaline. You can place this in your auric field whenever you feel you need extra protection or when you feel you need grounding and balance.

Incense Stick - this is handmade here at the Club as well. We used doTerra Lemon essential oil mixed with aromatherapy oil to bring you a beautiful long-lasting scent you can light in your living room or office for all to enjoy.

The sizes of all the items are in the photos. 



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