Smudge Kit

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Every sacred space should have a smudge kit or something that you have gathered to clear negative energy after you've physically cleaned your space.

On offer today is our smudge kit that contains:

Sweetgrass - this is often burned at the beginning of a particular ceremony to attract positive energies.

Sage Bundle - the smoke from this little baby attaches itself to the negative energy in your space (or yourself!) and cleanses it so that it becomes positive energy.

Flat Cedar - the smoke of burning Cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative ones.

Abalone Shell - a receptacle to hold all the debris of your sage or popping your charcoal tablet in it. 

Charcoal Tablet - great for burning loose incense on top of it and placed in your abalone shell.

Feather Fan - used to keep the herbs smouldering while you smudge.  

Our smudge kit weighs about 30 gram and is perfect to match with some negative clearing crystals. 



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