Sanskrit Jasper Obelisk

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Sanskrit Jasper is a rare form of Jasper that is very popular in the metaphysical industry.

It is said to be a grounding stone... what does that mean? Grounding? We hear that word in crystal circles so many times but does anyone know what it actually means?

To me, it means making me stable, anchoring me to Earth, where I feel I belong. It's got nothing to do with wrapping it around your ankles and keeping you to the ground (hmm or does it?) but more removing the feelings of being flighty, not belonging anywhere, not fitting in.

This stone and all other grounding stones have this knack of making feel like you belong.. IN YOU. Giving you strength that you didn't know you had. Once you feel that energetically, you are stable, your roots are firmly planted and no matter what life (or your so-called friends) throw at you, you will sway back and forth but never become uprooted.

So in that sense, grounding is very important and I have grounding stones all over my home, keeping us firmly rooted. You won't even know when the crystal starts working as it caresses your aura and brings you its powerful energies.

Oh did I mentions that it is believed to have ancient prophecies written in its Sanskrit lines, accessing the secret wisdom of all the ancients, especially Egyptian?

The mysterious, monolithic design of the obelisk is said to have represented the Sun God Ra. How amazing is that? I've always wondered what it would be like walking the planet in ancient Egyptian times.

The legend goes that if you have crossed paths with this stone and it calls out to you, then it's found its forever home with you.

A wonderful stone to keep on your altar, in your sacred space, or as the focus stone on a crystal grid you create to bring you stability.

This stunning Sanskrit Jasper obelisk is 16cm high and 3.5cm wide with a beautiful bevelled base. It weighs in at 316 grams.


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