Rose Quartz Seer Stones

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Seer Stones are referred to in the old and new testaments and have a special place of importance in The Church Of Latter Day Saints.

Seer stones reveal their true beauty and depth when held up to the light. 

Christian tradition aside, seer stones are great to keep in your pocket throughout the day. They can be used for meditating (scrying), help in decision making and guidance, and for a quick energy boost.

The qualities of rose quartz - love, trust, self appreciation shine through in the seer stones and are fully appreciated when in a meditative state. Rose quartz is naturally calming and is useful for times when your are anxious or suffering grief from loss.

There are also many physical benefits attributed to rose quartz. These include improvement of the circulatory system and the heart, reduction of high blood pressure, lung and chest condition, kidney functioning, vertigo and even increases in fertility. Such a clever stone!

I use seer stones for crystal gridding and also keep one on my bedside table to invoke peaceful sleep and dreaming.

Each stone has been hand picked for best quality and character and will be approximately 50mm in length and 30 to 40mm in width. Each stone will weigh between 45 to 60 grams.

One stone will be hand picked for you per purchase. 

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