Rose Quartz Freeform

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 It comes as no surprise that this particular variety of soft pink quartz is the most desirable in the metaphysical world, I call it a bubble bath for the soul.

Its the universal stone of love - love for others, for creation and above all for yourself! 

Rose quartz magnifies creativity and imagination, is good for writing, art and music production. However, it is excellent for forgiveness, love, romance and relationships. It is known to heal a broken heart and help with self-esteem issues. It enhances feminine qualities, helps with crises, phobias and stress and fertility issues. 

Rose quartz has such beautiful gentle energy... having this in your auric field will bring you compassion, kindness and an inner desire to hug those closest to you.

I use it every day. I have a big chunk of it by my front door to bring peaceful loving energies to my visitors, I have another by our lounge room to keep hot-tempered teenagers calm, I also have one on my bedside table but the best one we have is a deep-sea clam filled with nearly 30 kilos of outside our crystal sanctuary... that's how much we love our rose quartz.

It brings love, eases pain, transforms energies in and around your home, calms nerves, helps you parent with bliss. Perfect for the heart chakra as pink is its secondary colour.

This piece is ideal for meditating with on any of these issues. And, of course, she is perfect for displaying in your sacred space or by your bedside to emit her powerful energy. Gridding with her is perfect too, I can just see the energy this piece will bring to your space. 

Weighs 622 grams and is 10cm high by 6.5 cm wide.

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