Quartz Gift Bag

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A beautiful little gift pack for someone special this Christmas.


Amethyst to keep you calm and connect you to your spirit self. To. It take your guides for granted and appreciate all you have. Great stone to help with the hangover from all the festivities 🥴.


Rose quartz to remind you that you do have people who love you, and whom you need to appreciate more. Worrying less on 💩 that is insignificant in your life.


Clear quartz to make you see through all the haze, to brighten your mind and soul. To make clarity of the situations around you that are just ☠️.


This great little pack can be popped in your car, left on your desk at work, placed on your night stand or each night pop a crystal under your pillow. 


Seer stones are a wonderful addition to your crystal collection. You can spend hours looking into them and seeing a world of wonder. Known as ‘Window Crystals’ or ‘Dreamers Stones’, they are certainly a great way to get lost in a sea of beauty and infusing your auric energy with that of the stone. A #winwin 


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