Pyrite Tumbled Stones

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These enchanting naturally occurring pyrite cubes conjure up feelings of bright energizing energy, just like the sun. In fact, these beautiful iron pyrite cubes will help you power up your abundance, self-worth, and confidence.

Resonating with the Solar Plexus chakra, pyrite aka Fool's Gold is the perfect stone to help you move through issues around self-worth, abundance, and power. Pyrite has big energy and a magnetic personality – just like the sun – and it burns away the stagnant and stale energies associated with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness.

These pieces are the perfect adornments to place on your altar, desk, bedside table, or anywhere in your sacred space to which you feel called. Or pop them on a manifestation grid to bring you abundance and prosperity, or personal power! 

In the shape of a cube, the ability of natural pyrite becomes all the more potent. Cubes honor the four directions and the four cardinal elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 

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