Pink Petrified Wood Tumbled

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Pink petrified wood for adding to your crystal collection, gridding, adding to your sacred space, or best of all, keeping in your pocket!

It’s very odd to think of wood as pink, but alas Pink Petrified Wood is here and what a beauty! Over a hundred years old (that’s how long it takes the wood to ‘petrify’) our stones will help keep you calm in times of anxiety, stress or just plain moodiness! 

Resonating with the Heart Chakra, Pink Petrified Wood will keep you calm, ease that thumping heartbeat and bring a sense of peace into your life.

A great stone to meditate with, peaceful and calm and looks gorgeous in a little bowl placed on your bedside table or on your coffe table to bring the wonderful energy into your space. 

This current batch has a beautiful depth and the Woods graining is highly visible and contrasting against the pink petrification.

Each tumbled stone weighs aapproximately 40 to 50 grams in weight, and approximately 3 to 5 cm in size. 

One stone per purchase will be hand picked for you.

oh how I love crystals❤️❤️❤️

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