Mojo Bag - Peace In My Pocket Bag (Stress & Anxiety buster)

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Whenever your feeling stressed, uneasy or just plain having a bad day, the #PeaceInMyPocket is just what you need. A mojo bag that is sure to calm you down and chill you out.

So when you #Feelitcoming, grab your bag, that you will keep in your pocket, handbag or by your side and take out the lovely crystals and take a huge whiff of that gorgeous lavender scent.

Silly season brings out the need for this bag for me as I wrestle with crazy people in the shopping centres, or suffer road rage. It really does work and as I results hundreds of peoples lives have been

Made from years of researching the positive effects of crystals and herbs, my #PeaceInMyPocket is made up of:

1 x amethyst popcorn cluster
3 x lepidolite 
1 x small bottle of Blue Lace Agate
Organic Lavender Herb
10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

Amethyst as the natural calmer, bringing you inner peace and not wanted to strangle the person who is constantly getting in front of you in the shopping aisle and taking 10 minutes to read the ingredients of 7 different branded honey!

Lepidolite is the go to stone if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. This is an excellent stress relief stone, as it contains lithium, sort of like the stone to grab and throw at someone..... ooops no don't do that! Just grab it and hold it tight and feel that stress just sort of dissipate. This is what is so great about Lepidolite, it makes you love everyone again 

Blue Lace Agate - what a gorgeous peace invoking stone. Gentle to its very core, the blue lace agate well help you communicate your words in a rather nicer fashion then you would when you are feeling stressed. It brings you lots of blue waves of calmness and encourages you to speak calmly, slowly and peacefully, dropping F bombs are so distant in your memory, you'll help them by introducing 5 more jars of honey to read the ingredients of.

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