Orange Selenite Palm Stones

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The powerful vibrations of selenite can clear, open and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras, and is excellent for all types of spiritual work.

What does it mean when we say 'activate the Crown Chakra' - there is an energy force a few inches away from your body, your Crown sits above your head and when this little baby is activated, your sense of knowing, feeling and hearing is heightened. You just know whether its right for you or not. You'll know if the new girl on the block is your type of person or not. That's what we mean when we say to activate your crown chakra, it's the all-knowing center.

Helps one feel safe and secure, especially at night. Great for a successful business.

We call selenite 'liquid light', when you hold it in your hand and reflect the light off it, you'll see why. It's just mesmerising. Just look at the photos taken in the sun. I couldn't stop staring at them.

The energy of these orange selenites is just incredible. They carry a soaring vibration of blissfulness mixed with some crazy passion and exploding your creativity and talent.

A Cancer and Taurus zodiac sign stone.

Beneficial when traveling as new path as it increases self-awareness, self-esteem, and willpower.

Said to be a bringer of light and the stone of mental clarity.

Keep your palm stone in your auric field as much as you to help clear confusion as well as calm down those hot-headed moments we go through. Pop it in your pillowcase and sleep with it or put it between you and your computer to help disperse electromagnetic waves.

You'll never need to put this little beauty out by the full moon, as a selenite it cleanses itself, you can even pop one of your other treasured crystals on top of it to cleanse it, selenite is wonderful for that. You will notice a shine in the crystal after it has been touched by liquid light :)

There are so many things you can do with any selenite, but putting it in water is a no-no. It is very fragile and dissolves when it's wet, so like a cat selenite doesn't like water.

The bright orange colour of these Orange Selenites are because they have been taken out in the sun, they just love the Sun. 

Each piece is about 6cm x about 5cm wide.

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