Orange Jade Chakra Pendulum

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Pendulums bring a great deal of clarity to your decision making. A great tool to have in your ever-growing crystal toolbox! 

A pendulum is a medium between our conscious and higher conscious minds. We each hold a library of knowledge containing information from our past, present and future existence.

Although this information is within us, it is only readily available if we are able to 'tune' in. This is where the pendulum is a valuable tool, as it is able to integrate our nervous system with our intuition creating a communication channel that is clear and immediate.

Orange Jade is a wonderful stone that restores your health after dis-ease. It purifies the blood as well as balancing your nervous system. It is also said to regulate your menstrual cycle, so hovering the pendulum over your lower abdomen during your menstrual cycle can relieve some of the pain. 

An orange jade pendulum allows you to tap into your sacral chakra and bring the energies of creativity, infertility and clearing your system of negativity - or your sacred space for that matter. 

Always remember that a healthy subconscious is required in order to effectively tap into your high consciousness. 

When you purchase our orange jade pendulum you take home instructions on how to program it.

You can rest assured that the crystals we have are always ethically sourced.

Each pendulum is approximately 22cm (9 inches) from base to tip.

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