Hakuna Matata (No Worries) - Mojo Bag

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My new no worries mojo bag is made especially to target 🎯 anxiety and depression 😔 and I couldn't think of a better name to give it. Crystals, herb and essential oil are purposefully chosen to give the owner a 'no worries, she'll be right' type feeling.

Made up of many hours of research and experimenting, the #HakunaMatata mojo bag embraces all that we need when the inevitable feeling of anxiety decides to rear its ugly head, and depression for that fact too.

A set of instructions is included with each bag, or this can be emailed through to you if you prefer to print your own or keep a soft copy.

I highly recommend keeping the bag close by as you never know when anxiety will come on. I keep mine in my handbag (my son suffers anxiety). Quite handy to keep close by at your desk at work, or even in your car when out and about.

The pack includes 

* a bottle of organic camomile anointed with pure essential oil of  Ylang Ylang

* Kyanite - as your mood stabiliser

* Rose Quartz - as your loving feel good stone (actually time and time again its been shown that keeping a piece of rose quartz close by you reduces your cortisol, bringing coherence to your heart and brain - can you imagine these two finally in sync?)

* Lepidolite - as your inner peace stone

* Peridot - as your depression chaser

* Tigers Eye - as your energy and balance stone (Solar Plexus?)

* Blue Lace Agate - as your elegant, soothing, positive effects on emotions stone

What you can do is write on a piece of paper "I bring healthy thought for peace and calm" into the mojo bag as an affirmation. And all I ask you to do is keep it close to you and whenever you start to feel nervous or that feeling of anxiety to bubbling up, grab your bag. You may want to smell your anointed chamomile, or hold a crystal in your hand, as long as you have it close by and remember your affirmation, #HakunaMatata is working for you.


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