Green Fluorite Tumbled Stones

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Fluorite is your go-to stone for anything to do with studying, decision making, focusing and pretty much anything to do with thinking... (ps, I've got it everywhere ) The energy that fluorite invites into your sacred space helps you to stay on task.

If you have legal papers or government forms that need to be filled out, then pop one of these beautiful big stones on top of it. 

A perfect stone for anyone who is graduating or looking for a job. It helps manifest jobs, it brings optimism about the future, and it shows you where to go, how to proceed, and whom to ask for help... how wonderful is that?

Fluorite activates all the chakras allowing you to be in control and giving you the gift of the skies the limit. This is a wonderful stone for gridding when you set these intentions!

Each stone weighs about 40 grams and is perfect to purchase with other products to combine postage.


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