Green Aventurine Crystal Eggs

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Eggs anyone? These Green Aventurine ones are just gorgeous!

BUT: Did you know.......... Egg (or pear shapes) crystals symbolise comfort and protection. Think of Miss Hen, she protects her eggs from harm keeping them warm and comfortable.

The symbolic shape of an egg both transmits and receives energy, and being Green Aventurine you will get vitality, personal growth and confidence. Be it your home life, work, school or relationships with green aventurine in your auric field, you will maintain the right attitude....

It's all about attitude. Why didn't I know about this in my teenage years??

Place these beautiful Green Aventurine eggs in your sacred space, on your crystal grids, or in your lounge room.

Each egg comes with its own wooden stand and weighs a minimum of 80 grams and is approximately 7 cm high and 4 cm wide.

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