Gemstone Altar Bottles

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Beautiful bottles of gemstone chips to add to your collection, your sacred space or even as a gift for a child.

Select the type of gemstone you want when placing the order and add to your collection over time. The range includes

1. Rose quartz for love, compassion and kindness

2. Peridot for self esteem

3. Clear quartz for amplifying energy and increasing clarity

4. Garnet for grounding and nurturing

5. Blue topaz for trust and intuition

6. Amethyst for spirituality, peace and protection

7. Citrine for abundance and prosperity

8. Turquoise for personal protection

9. Gold flakes for mood and depression 

Each bottle weighs approximately 60 grams, except for the clear quartz and amethyst bottles which are slightly smaller and weigh about 20 grams.

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