Black Tourmaline/Agate Protection from Dark Forces Pack.

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Often we come across people that just don't jive with our vibe and make us feel yuk. This happens quite a lot and we are left feeling flat and defeated, nothing seems to go right for us and we just want to crawl under a rock and not come out.

Well! Not anymore. This little pack will grab those vibes and suck them in then spit out positive energy back into the universe. Leaving you feeling centred, balanced and ground. Making you feel like you can do anything.

This is the beauty of black tourmaline and black agate.

You can place the heart in your pocket or on your desk at work to give you positive energy throughout the day. The pendulum/pendant can be hung over your bedroom door, our you can wear it as a pendant. The energy generator is awesome as a focus stone on your crystal grid or placed under your bed.

The Deets:
1 x black tourmaline, copper coated coil energy generator 12cm wide
1 x black tourmaline antique cage pendulum 22cm wide with the cage 3cm and removable black tourmaline rough 2cm wide
1 x black agate heart about 3cm wide

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