Rainbow Fluorite Generator

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This rainbow fluorite is so enchanting and beautiful and the rainbows inside are breathtaking! With generators, you get the benefits of the stone AND directed energy flow.

Fluorite is a must-have stone for your magical practice. It is primarily a focus stone and perfect for those in the industry of writing a lot, think of lawyers or insurance underwriters, even those in academia. 

Students studying for exam or degrees will benefit immensely from fluorite as it keeps you focused and on task. 

It's a perfect stone to gift someone who has graduated and is looking for a job as it helps carve the path to your career. It will manifest your career goals and bring you great happiness.

Place this big baby on your altar, in your sacred space, on your office desk or your coffee table, she's big and perfect to have as your focus stone when you grid for success. If you have legal paperwork or forms you are stuck on, pop this beauty on top of the paperwork overnight and get to it in the morning, you will see how beneficial rainbow fluorite (or any fluorite) is.

This beautiful fluorite generator weighs 855 grams and measures 16cm high and 6cm wide. She will look gorgeous in your sacred space. 

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