Emerald Rough

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When we think of emerald, it's usually around the necks of the rich and famous, royalty even, but did you know that to get the benefits of this extraordinary stone need cost a small island? It doesn't have to be gem quality, while absolutely beautiful to look at, rough Mother Nature's baked emerald is the way to go.

This mystical crystal possesses the ability to attract both financial prosperity and love, almost at the same time! Making it highly sort after in the metaphysical world, I too love the energy of this precious but soft stone. No surprises as it is Taurus's stone. I simply adore the energy and enchantment of natural crystal emerald and I am thrilled to be offering its sacred magic to you.

Resonating with the Heart Chakra, this precious gem facilitates an awakening to Divine Love: the kind of love that starts within you and then out towards all of creation. Is that wonderful? Imagine if we could all have a piece of rough emerald, we could all get along regardless or anything!

Working with emerald brings forth energies of tenderness, forgiveness, compassion, and trust – all qualities of our higher natures. Not to forget the amazing ability it has to attract financial prosperity.. an added bonus of this stone. 

To enjoy the energies of this amazing little rock of magic is as simple as holding it in your receptive hand when you are meditating, keeping it in your auric field, or sleeping with it under your pillow. But don't take my word for it! Try it yourself. We only have this one in stock. It'sa beautiful emerald rough specimen to add to your collection.

This piece weighs 133 grams and is approximately 5cm x 6cm.

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