Drum - Turkish Darbuka drum for drumming sessions

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Whether you are a professional drummer, ranging all the way down to a toddler, there is something primitive and hypnotic about drumming. 

For the first time I am offering an alternative type of drum to the tongue drums I also sell. I searched far and wide and looked at many styles of drums from four different continents. In the end I decided on Darbuka Drums from Turkey!

What a lovely unusual Christmas present, imagine their surprise when you present them with this gorgeous looking Darbuka drum.

These drums have a lovely resonating beat which is not done justice recorded on my Samsung S8. The drum is a traditional Turkish instrument, and it is used all over the Middle East. The drum can be used between your legs on the ground, or under your arm when you are either seated or walking.

It does not take long to get the hang of using it, even without prior experience such as my hubby after a couple of turns.

This particular drum is silver in colour, made of aluminium and a PVC drum skin. Note this does not contain any animal or wood product. Wood is particularly difficult to import and I wasn't keen on the rawhide for ethical reasons.

The drum head is 22cm in diameter and it's full dimensions are 40cm high X 27cm deep.

Great for the individual to meditate with or for use in drumming circles! 

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