Crystal Self Care Pack

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In a world where we are running around taking care of others, we often forget to stop and take check of ourselves. That’s why here at Little Gems I’ve finally stopped and I took check of my emotions and being completely honest.... I am exhausted, I’m frazzled and could sleep child-free for a week!
That’s why I created this, my mini Self-Care pack filled with kick-arse crystals that are sure to pack a punch.
Rose quartz to remind me that I do have people who love me, and whom I need to appreciate more and worry less on crap that is insignificant 😲
Amethyst to keep me calm and connect me to my spiritual self. To not take my guides for granted (sorry guys) and to appreciate all that I have.
Golden Black Obsidian to slap me in the face and take note of how lucky I am to have all I have. To ground me, protect me and stable the hell out of me. To keep at bay those niggley negative 👎 thoughts creeping in.
Jade to pop into my water glass and not only hydrate me but to sooth the wrinkles of sickness away from me. To keep me healthy on the inside and encourage me to drink more water. Oh and a little luck 🍀 on the side never goes astray.... psst: I bought a scratchiest and won $20
This kit comes in a beautiful organza bag and 4 little cards to show you what to do.
The deets:
1 x 4cm glass bottle filled with Rose Quartz chips
1 x 4cm glass bottle filled with Amethyst chips
1 x 4cm glass bottle filled with Golden Black Obsidian chips
1 x about 3cm jade tumble
1 x 7cm wide organza bag
4 x cards 12x7cm (roughly)

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