Chakra Healing Kit

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A new product release we are very excited about. I wish I had found this chakra healing kit years ago for my own use! The kit has everything you need to get you started. Perfect as your first ever chakra healing kit.

The kit contains :

1. Chakra Energy Generator

2. Chakra Engrave Disc Set

3. Chakra Jap Mala

4. Chakra Bracelet

5. Chakra Cone pendulum

6. Chakra Flat Stick Pendant

7. Rose Quartz Chakra Healing Wand

There are many different ways in which Crystals & Chakra Stone can be used. This really comes down to personal preference. Some of the more common ways that Crystals are used are as follows:

  • Worn on the body (Pendants, Bracelets and Rings) or Close to the body (Keyrings or placed in pocket)
  • Kept under a pillow
  • Used in the Bath
  • In Meditation Practice
  • Placed around the Home or Workplace for space clearing and room cleansing
  • Counteracting Environmental Pollution
  • Making Gem Essences
  • Used in Aura Cleansing
  • The Laying on of Stones on the body for Chakra Clearing






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