Bring the Love Back Heart Chakra grid set + free gift

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"Bring the Love Back" - so perfectly titled as somewhere in the 'busyness' of our lives we've forgotten to release our loving feelings, our loving thoughts and our loving kindness out into the Universe.

So many times when I am out and about I see people who seem to have forgotten to smile, that walk around with dark clouds hovering above them. People look sad, unresponsive almost. I can't tell you how many times I've smiled and someone and they just look at me like I have some sort of problem. So Bring the Love back grid is here to help.

I crafted this beautiful grid to Bring back the love, if not to society at least to YOU, this grid does so much more though and I can't wait to tell you about it.

ROSE QUARTZ - It's like a bubble bath to the heart and soul. If you have one, grab it and keep it near you for an hour and see how wonderful you feel afterwards. Hold it in your hand or put it under your pillow and sleep with it tonight. For those that don't have any, then I've included a free gift of a rose quartz heart for you to keep near you for as long as you like. If you put it in your bra and forget about it = wonderful. You won't even remember why you're feeling positive about your relationships with troubled members of your family, or your boss, or even why you put out a hand of kindness to a stranger. Rose quartz really does have that power.

The grid comes with all the crystals you see, 2 beautifully scented candles for you to start a little ritual for when you visit your grid (in your sacred space) and a piece of Palo Santo in a natural hand-picked seashell. For those of you who don't know, Palo Santo is a wild tree grown in Mexico and South America. Basically is like a smudge for yourself, to lift your spirits, remove any nasty energy flying about you and just making you feel alive and amazing. You light the stick and wait for the flame to go and then breath in the smoke and woff it around you.

OK I've waffled on long enough... the deets are:

Flower of Life MDF board x 23cm wide
Rose Quartz rough is about 5/6cm
6 x rose quartz roughs about 1cm wide
30 x rose quartz chips about half a cm wide
6 x clear quartz blades about 4cm long
1 rose quartz heart about 3cm wide
2 x pink scented candles about 3cm wide
Palo Santo stick about 2cm
Seashell about 6cm

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