Black Kyanite Fans

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Black kyanite is the ultimate clearing stone.

Legend says the blade of Archangel Michael's sword was made of Kyanite. Slice through negative emotions and toxic ties with the power of Black Kyanite.  

It is the only stone that clears away all the energy from whatever touches it but holds no energy itself. I most definitely consider this to be a Top 10 stone for healing, space clearing, and energetic protection.

It is said to protect your auric field from energy vampires, you know the type.. the people around you who feast on your positive vibrations but offer nothing in return. Give them the heave-ho and don't look back.

Slice through negative emotions and toxic ties with the epic energy of this crystal.

Use this ultimate clearing stone during meditation to balance and cleanse all your chakras. It stimulates all your chakras and is wonderful for you to keep in the palm of your hand while your resting at night. 

Place them in your home and sacred spaces to have instant alignment and clearing.

Each stone is perfectly made in Mother Natures oven and weighs under 20 grams. Perfect for putting on in each corner of your room, using in a crystal grid, or making a protective mojo bag. 


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