Amethyst Copper Energy Generator

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Up for sale we have these beautiful copper energy generators with an amethyst pyramid.

These handmade copper generators are used to magnify energy into your home. Just looking at this piece will invoke a sense of protection and calm.

Place it in your home where you will be able to admire this gorgeous creation, maybe in your hallway as you walk in the door after yet another stressful day at work. Or in your lounge and catch your family and friends glimpsing it as you relaxing drinking coffee.

It promotes a positive flow of energy, you can place it on your work desk and admire it during your workday.

Great for using in your healing work by placing it on each chakra for a few seconds to activate, you can also place the pyramid under your healing table to promote calm, loving energy to your client.

In Feng Shui, our copper generators usher in maximum positive energy, abundance, peace, love and above all harmony. You will instantly feel the flow of positive energy.
7.6cm x 7.6cm these little beauties are sure to make you feel better!

What a great addition to your sacred space, or by your bedside. All of my products are hand-selected, stored and loved within my sacred space, which I regularly cleanse of negative energy and surround with positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, even those that are only having a temporary stay over.

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