6-foot Pyramid

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There is nothing better than a pure copper pyramid for all the healing and meditation one can possibly need.

All joints are copper, and an orgonite ball of copper coil and 7 Chakra healing crystals is included to sit above your head securely fitted under the capstone.

These pyramids are made to the precise dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza at a sloping angle of 51.83°.

Very easy to assemble, there are 4 shorter copper poles used at ground level to connect the four corners, and 4 longer poles used to connect at the top of the pyramid.

Takes approximately 3-5 minutes to fully assemble. As a result, this is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and is easily transported.

Potential benefits of sleeping or meditating under the pyramid include:

- Increased energy levels 
- Reduced blood pressure
- Reduced anxiety and stress
- Calmer mind/thought patterns
- Increased focus and concentration
- Improved general health and wellbeing

A great addition to your Sacred Space, and what a great conversation piece!


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