Copper Healing Pyramid - 10 inch

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Little Gems is very pleased to add these 10” (25cm) copper pyramids to its collection.

We have been selling 6 and 8 foot pyramids for some time, and have been asked on many occasions whether we also have much smaller pyramids. After much fruitless searching, we couldn’t find anything suitable at the right price. So we ended up commissioning our own! Partnering with one of our regular crystal suppliers in India, we have made and now offer these beautiful, 10” pyramids for sale.

Unlike our larger pyramids that require assembly, these more compact pyramids can be easily shipped, and therefore are pre-assembled with welded joints.

Being pure copper, the finish is beautiful and they will benefit from the odd polish now and again.

Just like our larger pyramids, these little beauties provide similar qualities but are suited to food and crystals, keeping the former fresh and the latter charged. The applications for the pyramids are many. One of my favourite uses for the smaller pyramids is water cleansing. Water energised using pyramids is oxygen rich and contains negatively charged ions, which are easier for the human body to process. For me though, I just like the taste the water takes on after being energised for several hours or overnight. Tip - if you have a water bottle that contains crystals you get an even better result from the charging of the crystals as well!

So whatever purpose you put them too, They are also a great addition to your Sacred Space and a great conversation piece as well!

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