Labradorite Crystal Tumbled Stones

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What’s so good about Labradorite? 


🚪Despite its dark outer appearance, labradorite holds a 🌈 of brilliant hues visible only when we hold it to the light.... a little like we are, no? 


We reserve our true colours for those closest to us and sometimes those potential suitors we hid from never get to see our beautiful true colours


🚪Labradorite also creates a force field throughout your aura, protecting and strengthening the energies within it and preventing others from ‘tapping in’ to your person energy field and draining you


🚪Classified as a ‘Stone of Magic’ this little beauty is exactly what you need when you are procrastinating with your work or study, because really a little bit of magic is just what you need to kick you right back onto the ‘Get This Shiz Done’ train


They are a great stone to keep on your desk or in your scared space.

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