Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the seat of communication and as such where our truth resides. The crescent that is often associated with the Throat Chakra is referred to as 'Nada' which means Pure Sound. Purity in this sense can be applied on several levels within this chakra. Purity in thought and words, purity in what we hear (in other words, hearing the truth rather than what you want to hear), and pure sound itself that can be used to clear not only the Throat Chakra but anything that it is directed towards.

As known as Vishudda and located at the base of the throat. This chakra resonates with the colour Blue, has a Sound Element and strikes to the musical note G. The fifth chakra is linked directly to your personal integrity and sense of honour, allowing you to listen deeply to those around you. The Throat Chakra is connected to the Sacral Centre.

The Throat Chakra is activated by the colour Blue, this is something you can bring into your world through decor, clothes or even food such as blueberries, eggplant, plums, blackberries, currants, blue grapes, elderberries

The Crystals associated with the Throat Chakra are:

Turquoise * Chrysocolla * Celestite * Blue Topaz * Sodalite * Lapis Lazuli * Aquamarine * Azurite * Blue Chalcedony * Blue Lace Agate * Blue Quartz * Blue Aventurine.

The Throat Chakra governs the body in these areas:

Thyroid * Throat * Ears * Jaw * Neck * Voice * Shoulders * Parathyroids * Oesophagus * Bronchial Tubes * Speech * Digestions and Weight Problems * Mouth * Cheeks.

The Positive Characteristics of a Balanced Throat Chakra are:

Communication * Articulate * Artistic * Memory * Thinking * Expression * Honesty * Musical Talent * Living in the Present * Easily Comprehending Esoteric Practices and Teachings * Sound * Writing * Loyalty * Gentleness * Kindness * Open to The Opinion of Others * Listening to Our Inner Voice * Responsibility * Creativity (the arts) * Reliability * To Be Heard * Manifesting.

The Negative Characteristics of an Unbalanced Throat Chakra are: 

Arrogance * Not Expressing Thoughts * Timid * Opinionated * Self Righteous * Inconsistent * Devious * Manipulative * Knowledge used Unwisely * Ignorance * Lack of Discernment * Depression.

The Throat Chakra Identifies with:

Self Expression

The Throat Chakras Basic Right is:  

To Speak and Be Heard
To Speak the Truth
To Hear the Truth

The Throat Chakras Lesson to Learn is: 

Lies - To Speak the Truth and to be Told the Truth

The Relationship with the Throat Charka is:

With our Personal Truths.
What is My Opinion on This?
Am I Being True to Myself?