Third Eye Chakra

Sight in its many forms is governed by the Third Eye chakra.  With our tow physical eyes, we are able to see the past and present. Our third eye completes the picture by revealing our future. Our vision is infinite in this energy centre. We can imagine, be inspired and visualise in order to create our reality.

Also known as Ajna and is located between the eyebrows. This chakra resonates with the colour Indigo or Violet, has the Light Element and strikes to the note A. The sixth chakra holds your intuition, inspiration and intelligence – the three I’s.

The Third Eye Chakra is activated by Indigo or Violet, this is something you can bring into your world through décor, clothes or even food such as purple carrot, purple peppers, purple potatoes, purple asparagus, purple cabbage, plums, purple grapes, figs, black currants, passionfruit and acai.

The Crystals Associated with the Third Eye Chakra are:

Lapis Lazuli * Azurite * Sodalite * Sapphire * Dumortierite * Amethyst * Moldavite * Purple Fluorite * Black Obsidian * Charoite * Purple Jade * Lilac Amethyst * Purple Jasper.

The Third Eye Chakra governs the body in these areas: 

Pineal Gland * Eyes * Temples * Nose * Ears * Brain * Nervous System * Sinuses * Insomnia * Migraines * Hormonal Imbalance note: hormonal imbalances relating to the reproductive system lie in the Sacral Centre for women and Root Chakra for men.

The Positive Characteristics of a Balanced Third Eye Chaka are:

Inspiration * Psychic Abilities * Peace of Mind * Perception * Reasoning * Detachment to Material Possessions * No Fear of Death * Not Preoccupied with Fame or Fortune * Telepathy * Astral Travel * Past/Future Lives * Search for Meaning in Life * Visualisation

The Negative Characteristics of an Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra are: 

Tension * Headaches * Nightmares * Cynical Outlook * Uninspired * Overly Detached from the World * Lack of Imagination * Religiously Dogmatic * Stress * Sinusitis.

The Third Eye Chakra Identifies with: 


The Third Eye Chakras Basic Rights are: 

* To See Through our Own Eyes
* To See Our Own Perception
* To not have Our Vision Denied

The Third Eye Chakras Lessons to Learn are:

* Illusion – Not Seeing the Bigger Picture
* Narrow Mindedness
* Seeing Only What we want to See
* Pretending Not to See
The relationships with the Third Eye Chakra are:
* Spiritual * Vision