Root Chakra

According to Tantric ancient scripts, Shakti is the female energy of consciousness and Shiva, the male energy of consciousness. They lived happily as one in the Sahasrara Lotus - known as the Crown Chakra until Shakti was separated from Shiva as a result of the manifestation of creation. Legend has it, where Shakti's footsteps lay, grew six lotus flowers from which the chakras were born. The energy of Shakti is said to now live in the Root Chakra.

Also known as Muladhara and is located at the perineum. The Root Chakra resonates with the colour Red, has an Earth element and strikes to the C note.

The Root Chakra is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and the Earth. This is the most instinctual of all the chakras. It is your survival centre and your fight or flight response is initiated here

But when our root chakra is out of alignment we tend to find ourselves alone, disconnected from everything or everyone, feeling physically weak and we lack confidence. These are some of the negative impacts having our root chakra out of balance.

The Root Chakra is activated by the colour Red, this is something you can bring into your world through decor, clothes or even food such as red capsicum, tomato, cranberry, beetroot, strawberry, red apple or these juices.

The Crystals associated with the Root Chakra include the following:

Red Jasper * Ruby * Garnet * Bloodstone * Black Tourmaline * Obsidian * Smoky Quartz.

The Root Chakra governs the body in these areas:

Testicles * Coccyx * Pubic Bone * Legs * Feet * Male Reproductive Organs * Spine * Blood * Urethra * Anus * Colon * Bones.

The Positive Characteristics with a balanced Root Chakra are:

Survival * Pride * Belonging * Grounded * Abundance * Physical Energy * Procreation * Ambition * Motivation * Assertiveness * Strength * Vitality for the Physical Body * Instincts * Career * Material Matters * Success * Mastery of the Body * Security * Courage * Patience * Integration with Earth * Connection to Nature * Athletic * Intent * Confidence * Money * Stability * Foundation * Safety * Prosperity

The Negative Characteristics with an Unbalanced Root Chakra are:

Materialistic * Domineering * Low Motivation * Violence * Insecurity * Purposelessness * Feeling Unwanted * Excessive Sex Drive (in males) * Procrastination * Overly Concerned with Physical Survival * Greedy * Can't Reach Goals * Anger * Not Grounded * Hyperactive * Suicidal Tendencies * Lack Of Energy

The Root Chakra identifies with:

Self Preservation. The Actions I Take are for my Survival.

The Root Chakras basic right is:

The Right to Exist * The Right to Nourish and Care for Our Physical Body and Tend to our Survival Needs.

The Root Chakra Lesson to learn is:

Fear of Loss or Health * Mobility * Life * Income * Material Possessions * Survival Necessities

The Root Chakras Relationships are with:

Tribal - Family of origin.. parents, siblings
Work - Colleagues, employers, employees, customers, suppliers.