Amethyst Obelisk

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Amethyst Obelisks project beautiful calming, spiritual energy into your space. It's a great way to heighten your spirituality and get you in turn with your intuition. 

It’s perfect for overall protection, aids in addictions, calms emotional energy and grief, enhances the aura, boost self-esteem, heightens intuition and spiritual awareness. It’s perfect for bringing relaxation and homey energy to your sacred space. 
An obelisk is a monolithic, architectural design used in ancient times. Wrapped in intrigue, this mysterious shape is said to have represented the sun god Ra.

This is a wonderful tool to keep in your home on your altar or in your sacred space as it brings the energies of greater balance and alignment to both you and your home. 

All of my products are hand-selected, stored and loved within my sacred space, which I regularly cleanse of negative energy and surround with positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, even those that are only having a temporary stay over.

This amethyst obelisk is 13cm high and 2cm wide. It weighs in at 95 grams.


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