Mojo Bag - Mood Be Gone Bag

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Moody stroppy people... they are everywhere, even in our own homes!

How wonderful it would be to have everyone's dial pointed to happy - well most of the time anyway, even mine!

That's why #MoodBeGone has been a Godsend for me and my little moody Miss 3. The cinnamon has been a great aroma (I've never liked cooking with it) but smelling it has been a great mood lifter and works a treat.

The composition:
2 x Amethyst Popcorn Clusters
2 x Rose Quartz 
2 x Clear Quartz 
2 x Citrine Pointers
1 x Carnelian...... can you see the pattern here?

I've designed my mojo bag to help keep those pesky moods at bay with upbeat, calming, happy crystals from the quartz family.

In the Mojo Bag:
Fair Trade Grade organic Cinnamon Herb
Organic Cinnamon quill.

Keep it by you as you relaxing watching TV, or chilling in your favourite spot. Take a whiff of that wonderful cinnamon aroma when your feeling down and tired. Grab some crystals and put them under your bed, the amethyst will give you vivid dreams.


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