7 Gemstone Chakra Lava Bracelet - Adjustable

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These bracelets are so special, whimsical, and full of surprises. 

Each colour gemstone resonates with the 7 chakras infusing you with their energies as you go about your day. It will help to keep your chakras open and spinning with energy, balancing the centres and bring you peace.

Lava stones are a gift from Mother Nature herself – a source of grounding and soothing, a bridge between us and the embrace of the earth and when you anoint them with your favourite essential oil, a form of magic dances around your wrist. 

All you have to do is add one drop of your favourite essential oil on each stone and let the scent travel with you on your day-to-day. I hope that this bracelet offering brings you much joy, love and some innocence to your day.

I do have doTerra essential oils, and something like cinnamon, frankincense, wild orange and geranium would be a wonderful marriage with these stones. With this little bracelet on your arm, not only will you smell divine, your aura will be constantly touched by the energies of the gemstones.

All of my products are stored, hand-selected or created within sacred space regularly cleansed of negative energy and surrounded by positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, crystals and magickal items, even those that are here only temporarily. 

Each one weighs about 30grams and a great addition to your existing order.

These can be worn by anyone regardless of age. 


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