Heart Chakra

With three chakras below and three above, the Heart Chakra is seated in the centre of the whole chakra system. It depicts Balance and Harmony as it integrates the earthly chakras (below 3) with the spiritual (above 3). Our spiritual identity resides in this chakra as it often demonstrated when one refers to themselves by pointing at the heart.

Also known as Anahata and vibrates to the colour Green as its Primary colour and Pink as its Secondary colour. and is located in the centre of your chest. It has an Air Element and strikes to the musical note F. The fourth chakra is the healing centre, this is where your way of life makes people feel at peace when they are around you, there is no judgement or prejudices coming from your heart chakra.

The Heart Chakra is activated by the colour Green and Pink, this is something you can bring into your world through decor, clothes or even foods such as green apples, avocado, green grapes, kiwi fruit, limes, pears, brussels sprouts, cucumber, kale, honeydew, green leafy vegetables, pink apples, pink potatoes, lychee, cherries, dragon fruit, and rhubarb.

The Crystals associated with the Heart Chakra are:

Emerald * Green & Pink Tourmaline * Malachite * Green Jade * Green Aventurine * Chrysoprase * Kunzite * Rose Qu

The Heart Chakra governs the body in these areas:

Heart * Lungs * Breasts * Shoulders * Arms * Hands * Thymus Gland * Circulatory System * Immune System * Lymph Glands * Breathing Problems * Blood Pressure * Upper Back.

The Positive Characteristics of a Balanced Heart Chakra are:

Unconditional Love * Compassion * Empathy * Giving and Receiving Love * Balance * Physical Health * Forgiveness * Understanding * Acceptance * Peace * Openness * Harmony * Contentment * Self Love * Desire to Nurture * Sharing * Devotion * Commitment * Self Trust * Healing * Allowing Oneself to be Vulnerable.

The Negative Characteristics of an unbalanced Heart Chakra are:

* Feeling Unloved * Victim Mentality * Repression of Love * Criticalness * Depression * Possessive * Fear of Rejection * Fear of Being Hurt * Falling In and Out of Love Easily and Frequently * Demanding * Need Constant Reassurance * Moody.

The Heart Chakra Identifies with: 

Self Acceptance

The Heart Chakras Basic Right is:  

To Love and Be Loved

The Heart Chakras Lessons to Learn are: 

Grief - Suppressed Grief Inhibits Progress with Love and Relationships.

The Relationships with the Heart Chakra are:

The Relationships with Heart Chakra are:

With Everyone, with Life Itself.