Mookaite Generator

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I consider myself extremely lucky to have these gorgeous mookaite's in our clubhouse. Aren't they just divine? Hailed from Western Australia and meaning 'running water' this jasper is hailed by many as the “Beauty Stone” reminding you that you are timeless and what you possess inside knows no bounds.

It promotes graceful and delicate ageing and helps keep your skin and soul youthful. With colours ranging from fiery red to brilliant orange, to deep gold and maroon, to pink and light beige, mookaite jasper resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and helps us boldly own our self-confidence and worth.

With this magical gemstone, we learn to accept ourselves as we are and step into our fullest potential. Place this little baby on your desk and let its energies help push you through the procrastination that creeps in. 

Excellent as the focus stone in a crystal grid, or perfect to adorn your sacred space, you can't go wrong with mookaite.... I must warn you though, it may be too hard to part with it if you were thinking of gifting it..  you may have to get yourself one too. 

The generator weighs 128 grams and is about 6.5 cm high.

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