Black Obsidian Generators

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Black obsidian - not technically a crystal, more a volcanic glass - nonetheless packs a powerful punch against those nasty so and so's that call themselves your friend to your face and then spews venom against you when you are not around.  The master protector against evil is what we call it around here. I've got one at the front and back doors. 

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling drained or do you sense that you need to protect yourself and keep your space clear & positive? Then these black obsidian towers are perfect. 

Its energy draws you in slowly and softly but very deeply making its presence on your office desk, bedside table or coffee table powerful in so many ways. A root chakra activation stone for grounding and stability, black obsidian is your go-to stone for when you are feeling flighty, picked on or just need some stability in your life. 

Each tower weighs about 80grams and is perfect to have as a centrepiece on your protection grid or keep it on your desk matched with some lovely soft rose quartz or selenite. They are about 11cm high x about 2cm wide.

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