Feng Shui - Abundance Baby Crystal Grid

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Abundance, Prosperity and Manifestation.... all in favour say ""... ok, ok all jokes aside... what do you call a with no ? A no eye deer!

All eyes are here at Little Gems and so is our new #AbundanceBaby Grid. Yep, there's a crystal (or 3 ) for that too!

There are many stones you can use to bring in the energies of abundance or prosperity, but my #AbundanceBaby uses 3 formidable stones.

Pyrite  is my centre stone and I chose this one because he is a manifestation stone. Pyrite is a gorgeous golden coloured mineral that has a very push kind of energy and if there is some sort of manifestation that needs to be done, then pyrite is the stone to use.

Peridot , this is my favourite stone. She is not too common and not rare enough, but also not easy to find (phew, I was lucky) and I wanted to bring peridot to the table in my #AbundanceBaby grid because Peridot is a prosperity stone which influences growth, her main energy. The growth of your intentions.

Citrine  - the Merchant's Stone.. how could I leave this one out? Used all over the world as an abundance stone, citrine brings to the grid the energy of attracting and collecting money, of allowing you to save/spend your dollars wisely. Citrine is has a happy confidence energy to it, which is soooo important for you. If you are feeling happy and confident, your chances of receiving abundance and prosperity and all the more achievable.

 Place this grid facing south or southeast, many ancient cultures tell us this is the best position for manifesting abundance. Any questions, I'm happy to help 

Pyrite generator is about 4cm high

12 x pyrite mini clusters 1/2cm

6 x natural citrine pointers 1cm

18 x peridot chips 1/2cm

Peridot tumblies are about half a cm wide and high as well

Citrine pointers are 1-2cm long x 6

Crystal Grid is 25cm in diameter


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