Agate Swirl Sacred Geometry Mini Grid

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#AgateSwirl Sacred Geometry Grid

Sacred Geometry, the fundamental building blocks of our universeūüĆź. This particular grid is a laser etched mandala, one of the classic geometric designs and so important in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The symbol, which¬†represents¬†the universe, is one of my personal favourites.

Here ūüĎä at Little Gems, we absolutely¬†love agate in all its forms! So much so we set about creating the grid for agate and mandala lovers everywhere - the Agate Swirl. This mini-grid is 10cm side and is perfect for placing by your bedside, were¬†size is limited or at your desk at work, even on your alter.

Agate: is a stone of smoothing over your raw emotions. It is very calming and grounding. A great grid to have around you in times of conflict either within yourself or with others around you, increasing your self-confidence. 

Agate in ancient times was used to ward off evil and many still believe this and use it for just this purpose!

Agate is also used to protect pregnancies as well as to provide a sense of well being to a mother, postpartum.

Placement: Place this energy emanating mini grid near you at your place of work or on your desk. To keep nagging thoughts out of your mind, place this little babe on either your bedside table or your coffee table where you relax. To get the best results, pop the cork off the mini bottle and let the stones do their work.  


6mm board 10cm wide - laser works etched mandala design

8  mini blue lace agate chips

8 mini green agate chips

8 mini carnelian agate chips

8 mini black agate chips

1 mini bottle with green and carnelian agate chips

As always contact us if you have any questions or special requests!


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