Heart Chakra - Healing the Heart + freebies

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There is a world of psychologist out there that suggest a healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite for a healthy relationship - that without sufficient self-love, we are not capable of truly loving others.

Millions of people believe in chakra energy centres and our Heart Chakra (Anahata) is seated in the centre of all the chakras and plays a very important role in our self-love chapel, as its energy moves love through your body and life.

Balancing the heart chakra will result in some pretty awesome energies. You feel unconditional love, your compassion to even the most annoying of people will surprise you. Feeling empathy will want you helping out as much as you can. Your immune system is running at full capacity and your blood pressure is A-OK.

My grid has been built to balance the Heart Chakra, to heal old wounds and make you move forward. It heals the broken heart and brings you love from all directions.

As long as you promise to treat the grid with respect and visit it every day, (even just to say hello) you will bring your Heart Chakra into balance. Your #meangirl will take a hike and you will be at peace.

Plus you'll get a cute little glass vial filled with green aventurine chips to keep in your pocket or handbag and a gorgeous rose quartz heart or under your pillow 

Opps I almost forgot the details:

3mm MDF Flower of LIfe board 23cm wide
1 x Rose Quartz Rough about 5cm wide
6 x Green Aventurine roughs about 1cm wide
6 x Rose Quartz tumblies about 1cm wide
6 x Clear Quartz natural pointers about 5cm long
1 x 2cm glass vial of Green Aventurine Chips
1 x 4cm Rose Quartz Heart

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