Mini Grid - Grounding

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Is anyone feeling the effects of the cosmic shift with are having? NOT to mention the full BloodMoon happening?

Here at the Little Gems office, we've had such problems with the internet and my PC, I've wanted to throw both the computer and modem out the window  and then I remember....ahhyyy Mercury, Mr Mischevious!

So I went to work and built this little mini-grid that sits lovingly on my desk and #NoLie, I've not had any more problems..... well today at least 

Ok the grid:

Pink Acrylic Cosmos grid 9.5cm
Hematite tumble about 2cm x 1
Hematite Chips about half a cm x 7
Iron Pyrite mini clusters about half a cm x 7
3cm mini bottle of hematite chips x 1
Black Obsidian heart about 4cm - to be put under your bed x 1 (free gift)


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