Carnelian Tumbled Stones

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Carnelian Tumbled Stones are perfect for gridding around the home or placing on a crystal grid.

Carnelian in crystal language translates to COFFEE for us mere mortals! It is the stone to give you a nice boost of energy when you are feeling flat. I have pieces of carnelian all over the house and my energies are stable, but when I am feeling low from doing the Lizzy, Lizzy so dizzy dizzy routine, then I pop a carnelian in my bra.

If you are a mum with a newborn or littlies that still don't sleep through the night, or your a shift worker, or a party gurllll pulling all-nighters, then this is the stone for you. 

It's also the best stone to use on your Sacral Centre as it opens up to wonderful this energy centre and bring you a wave of creativity so you can unleash your hearts desires to the world. This stone really does have a wonderful get-up-and-get-them energy to it and a must if you are starting out your crystal collection or diving into crystal grid creations. 

Each stone weighs about 15 to 20 grams.

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