Ammonite Fossil

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When I was a child I loved many fossils but ammonites were always my favourite! Now I am older I know exactly what they are, and even understand a little about the process that created them.

In Ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder thought they reminded him of the Egyptian God Ammon, hence the name we use today.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, people thought ammonites were the petrified remains of coiled up snakes. They called them snakestones or serpentstones. There was folklore surrounding saints like St Patrick that said these serpentstones were the remains of the snakes Patrick had killed.

While we know better today, our ancestor's imaginations and the characteristics they attributed to these ancient fossil species is fantastic, to say the least.

This particular ammonite is about 7cm in width and 3cm high. It weighs 97 grams.

Ammonites make great additions to your crystal collection or a gift, particularly for a young imaginative mind.


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