Amethyst Chip Bags

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Cheap and cheerful chip bags. Great to add to your collection or use for gridding, altar bottles, or even for arts and crafts.

There are so many things you can do with these little versatile beauties:

▪you can put them on top of your favourite candle and let then energies of the crystal infuse your space

▪popping them in your roller bottles to infuse your eseential oil

▪ keeping them in a bowl and running your hands through them, its so therapeutic

▪ putting them in a vase and watching your freshly cut flowers stay fresh for longer

▪ pop them in your pot plants and watch your plants grow strong and vibrant 

▪ put them on mini crystal grids (which we sell)

▪ make gem elixir with them - make sure you take them out of the water before you drink it or give it to you pet.

▪ use them on your gemstone trees

▪ put them in your kid's pencil case and they can have the energy of the crystals at school and during exams

Each bag weighs approximately 200 grams and is provided in an organza bag.


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