Agate - Natural Generator

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Agates - what's not to love about these peaceful, subtle energy crystals? In their natural state, they are gorgeous, no need to ruin them with dye. 

When agates are placed about you and the energy entrains your aura, a special magic happens.

These gentle stones help you build and maintain your relationships. 

They also bring you good luck and protect you from unwanted forces that are thrown at you either willingly or unwillingly by the people you interact with every day.

They also give you the energy to stop mucking around, buckle down and get the job done, the crystal heightens your natural skills and talents and improves your concentration levels, a great stone to have next to you when you have a mile long To-Do List. 

This is a beautiful cut and polished agate generator that measures 7cm wide x about 7cm high and is 342gram.

The pictures are taken in natural sunlight and I have energised it in the April full moon, ready to be popped in a box and sent to you. 

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