Triple Crystal Pack II

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A wonderful starter kit to get you on the path to crystal healing via crystal grids.

We've got:

Root Chakra Protection Kit
Activating and balancing your Root Chakra will bring to you a sense of pride, belonging, grounding and abundance. It will connect you to nature, you will perceive the world in a different way. It protects you against evil forces that exist in your world. This energy centre is all about survival and its relationship is tribal – family, work and shelter
• Black tourmaline as your centre stone 4 cm high
• 4 pieces of garnet ½cm wide
• 4 pieces of golden obsidian ½cm wide
• 4 pieces of red jasper 1cm wide
• 4 pieces of hematite ½ cm wide

Solar Plexus Awakening your Goddess
Activating and balancing your Solar Plexus will bring to you a very healthy self-esteem, personal power, willpower, self-confidence and a cheerful relaxed disposition. Bringing the Goddess in you outward to show the world how special you are. This energy centre is all about you and its relationship is to give you the power to choose
• Moonstone as your centre stone about 3cm high
• 3 pieces of labradorite ½ cm wide
• 3 pieces of rose quartz ½ cm wide
• 3 clear quartz natural pointers 2cm long

Sacral Centre Creativity Booster Kit
Activating and balancing your Sacral Centre will bring to you creativity within all aspects of your life, a fluidity with how you go about your day-to-day, and heighten your intuition. This energy centre is all about your relationships with intimacy, social and partnerships in your life
• Red carnelian as your centre stone 3cm high
• 6 pieces of red carnelian ½ cm wide
• 18 pieces of amethyst ½ cm wide

You will get a sheet with all this information on it, as well as instructions on where to place them in a beautiful gift box.

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