Triple Crystal Grid Pack with Crystals

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A new, original offering from Little Gems.

We bring you the tri-Grid set. This provides a grid base, three grids, and a selection of crystals to dress your grid with. Packaged in a gift box with instructions on crystal gridding as well as an explanation of the 3 grids that are included.

The three grids:  Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, and sacred geometry, each nestle perfectly in the grid base. This allows you to set and dress a different grid each day or as the mood takes you.

Crystals are provided which will allow you to dress your grid as you like. Crystals included are

Lapis lazuli mini tower

Green aventurine mini tower

Rose quartz mini tower

Clear quartz pointers x 6

Kyanite blades x 4

Rose quartz rough x 6

Lapis lazuli tumbles x 8

Citrine tumbles x 6

Carnelian tumbles x 8

Peridot chips x 6

Green aventurine chips x 6

Rose quartz chips x 6

Lapis lazuli chips x 8

Lapis lazuli altar bottle 2cm

Green aventurine altar bottle 2cm

Rose quartz altar bottle 2 cm

The photos provide some suggestions on gridding the crystals and an instruction sheet on gridding is included.


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