Totem Animal Mini Grid - Butterfly

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A Totem animal is a Shamanic spirit that guides, helps and protects us as we embark upon the meaning of life.

Today we salute the Butterfly Totem in appreciation of the many stages of life it represents. The Butterfly transforms, renews and rebirths us. It is the dance of joy 💃🏻

So if you find yourself lapping up some sunshine 🌞  in the garden or on your merry way and a Butterfly 🦋 shows up, ask yourself what stage of your life are you in? How are you handling whatever it is? Most importantly how like the Butterfly, can you bloom to be the best versions of yourself? 

Even better, if you see one with yellow or black markings, these are extra special and said to be connected to the Spirits of Nature🌿 .

Here is a link to a website (if you ignore the ads on each side) you can do a simple test and see your totem animal: (I got Bear🐻 )


I have chosen like the Butterfly, transformative crystals that enhance the Butterfly totem, to allow you to call in the energies of this majestic wonder:

Rainbow Moonstone as your Focus stone - The shimmer of Moonstone reflects the dance, magic, and the joy associated with the movement of the butterfly. This stone helps through change, provides strength, grounds your spiritual energy, and helps to keep your aura clear.

Apatite - Apatite is a stone of confidence, truth, and creativity. It brings the energy of truth and beauty.

Amethyst - The deep purple of spiritual growth and wisdom. We all know what amethyst can do: enhance spiritual growth, sharpen intuition and offers protection from those that are not so nice to\

Citrine - The colour of the Sun. Joyful to look at and bags a manifestation punch, limitless potential.

Carnelian - The deep red of carnelian brings us creativity and confidence getting us to spread our wings as well look for solutions.

I'm carrying on here, aren't I? Ok, I better stop.....

The Deets:

1 x Moonstone tower - 4cm
8 x Apatite - about 0.5cm
4 x Citrine pointers about 1.5cm
4 x Amethyst - 0.5cm
12 x Carnelian - 0.5cm
1 x 6mm 10cm Plywood Butterfly sacred geometry.

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