Protection & Security Crystal Grid + Gift - Root Chakra

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Do you ever feel that sometimes, just sometimes those around you seem to have an agenda? They seem to your best interests are heart when you're around them, but not so when you're out of earshot? When they come to visit you feel a certain way but can't explain what is? I had this experience recently and immediately started to protect myself.

I gridded my home with black tourmaline, engaged in meditation and built this crystal grid placing it in the centre of my home to infuse us with its protective energies, providing an energetic barrier to deflect a psychic attack. 

Placed in the centre of your home or either front or back entrances to your home. Activate it with your intentions to protect you and your loved ones from the prying eyes of those #naysayers once and for all!

What a great addition to your sacred space, or by your bedside. All of my products are hand-selected, stored and loved within my sacred space, which I regularly cleanse of negative energy and surround with positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, even those that are only having a temporary stay over

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