Chakra Balancing Kit

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How well do you know your chakras and how they correlate to all aspects of our lives?

Did you know that incorporating more protein or red fruits, vegetables or juices helps boost your vitality and physical energy? This very small act of giving your body nutritious food is actually helping to boost your root chakra. So, without any medical conditions, you are feeling flat, maybe a cranberry juice or strawberry smoothie might be just what you need.

Here at Little Gems, we approach life in a holistic way, incorporating mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

And that's how our "How to know if you have chakra imbalances kit" is here to help you. Our kit comes to you with exotic crystals, 7 laser-etched wooden chakra symbol boards, and 7 laminated cards telling you all about the chakras and their imbalances and of course a gorgeous little organza pouch to keep them all safe.

All you have to do is take the little grid that correlates to the what you are feeling, pop the crystal onto of the grid, take 6 deep breaths then lie down and place the crystal and grid over the chakra that needs boosting, you can pop them all on your body or just one or two. Then just relax for 20mins with the crystal on your body until you feel it's time to get up. You can do this as many times as you like.

This makes for a wonderful Christmas present too.

All the deets:

Cards are about 10cm high x 4cm wide and will be laminated
7 x chakra wooden boards are about 3-4cm wide
1 x organza pouch

1 x Yellow Calcite about 2.5cm wide
1 x Orange Calcite about 1.5cm wide
1 x Sunset Sodalite about 1.5cm wide
1 x Charite about 2.5cm wide
1 x Celestite about 3.5cm wide
1 x Prasiolite about 2cm wide (green amethyst)
1 x Red Carnelian about 3.5cm wide

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