Healing & Confidence Grid - Heart & Throat Chakra

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Up for sale is the beautiful Metraton's Cube sacred geometry grid with the healing stones associated with the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra.

Here you will encourage energies to heal a broken heart at the same time seeing yourself as the strong, powerful woman you really are, someone who stands by her convictions and allows herself the time she needs to heal.

A wonderful gift for a loved one coming out of a relationship or someone who is just down on themselves. It's perfect to pick you up and show you that not everyone is as bad as that so-and-so who broke your heart.

With the grid, you will be getting 2 scented candles, a lavender incense cone and a clear quartz activation wand, to activate your grid. Here is a blog post I wrote about crystal grids:


You will also receive a free gift of rose quartz chips in a bottle to either ware near your heart or hang on your bed frame. The grid is perfectly placed in your sacred space, where it doesn't get disturbed by children or pets, either in your bedroom, kitchen bench (or pantry for that matter), in your home office or relaxation room.

All the deets:
26cm Laser Etched Metatron's Cube 3mm MDF Board
6cm Rose Quartz rough as your main healing stone
6 x 2-3cm AAA grade clear quartz amplier tumbles
6 x 4-5cm Kyanite blades to help you speak your truth diplomatically
6 x 2-3cm Pink Kunzite tumbles to give you the strength you need to move forward
6 x 1-2cm A grade aquamarine to bring peace, harmony and intuition to your ever chatty mind, helping you listen to your inner voice.
12 x 0.5cm rose quartz chips 
1 x 4cm glass bottle of rose quartz chips for you to either wear near your heart or hang on your bed frame or doorway
2 x scented candles to make the setup of your grid a magical ritual
1 x 3cm lavender incense to light when you are creating the grid and consequent lighting up when you revisit the grid
1 x 5cm clear quartz activator wand, check out my blog to see how to use it.


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